Sven Klages

``Follow me through three centuries of fascinating Berlin history. Learn about the liberal mind of Frederick the Great, about Berlin becoming a 19th century metropolis, the Roaring Twenties and German history´s darkest chapter. Join me on the traces of the divided Germany and witness post-reunification Berlin turning into one of the most creative and pulsating European cities.``

In 1981 my parents and I moved to West Berlin – a divided city, in which backyards would end at a concrete wall. We would throw coke cans over this wall and run away laughing while border guards cursed us from the other side. A city in which you would, without hesitation, line up at checkpoints for an hour (or more)– just for a weekend trip. Where none of us would ever ask what life on the other side was actually like.


In 1989, with the fall of the Berlin wall, everything changed. While in the former no-man’s land entire districts would suddenly appear, we went about exploring the city’s other, ‘alien’ half. We discovered Berlin´s old, impressive center, the former Jewish quarter´s decayed backyards. Each weekend new “secret” clubs would open where today you will encounter beautifully reconstructed Wilhelminean style buildings.


In the nineties I enrolled at the  Berlin Film Academy. Today I want to share with you my passion for modern architecture, historical urban contexts and the social changes following reunification. Experiencing Berlin with few historical dates but with plenty of stories, sharing moments of history long past as well as those of more recent times.

Speaks German, English and French

Specialized in Jewish Berlin, 1933-1945, cold War, Museum Island, Jewish Museum, architecture, palaces, food, Dessau - Bauhaus

Tours by limousine, coach, boat, bike and walking tours

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