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Driverguides Berlin is a cooperation of private guides offering sightseeing tours to Berlin, Potsdam, Dresden and beyond. While we offer the full range of service from walking tours to museum trips, what makes us stand out is that we are all licensed to do tours by car. Driverguides Berlin lets you:

select your favourite guide from a whole range of people

contact your guide prior to the tour, to answer your questions and to help you make arrangements

make the most of your stay by taking an individual tour by private limousine through this spread-out city

It’s all about choice: choose your guide, choose your tour and choose the way you prefer touring. Our guides all have years of experience in the trade, we all hold the mandatory German passenger transportation permit and there’s one more thing we all have in common: our love of Berlin and our passion for letting you experience this fascinating city!

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Our Private Guides

Find your Guide

How to take a tour

1. Find your Guide

You don’t know what there is to see? You haven’t yet decided on the type of tour you want? Not to worry – look through the profiles of our guides, choose the guide you prefer and contact him.

2. Arrange the Details

Get the guide’s help and advice on how to see the things you would like to see and have any questions about the tour answered. If you require a limousine or van for the tour, the guide will check the availability and forward your request to one of our cooperating licensed limousine companies. You will receive an official offer for the tour and, once you confirm, will have a firm booking with the guide of your choice!

3. Enjoy the Tour

At the agreed time and location your guide will pick you up in a comfortable vehicle and off you go exploring Berlin. Your tour remains open for changes on the way – because you never know what you will discover in this exciting city. Just enjoy!
  • Next (unscheduled) stop: Mies van der Rohe Haus Berlin

    „We’re very interested in architecture and would like to see the Bauhaus in Berlin.“  This was the first sentence my guests uttered, right after the introductions when I picked them up from their cruise ship in Warnemünde for a p...

  • The Odds of 9 November or a Fateful Day for Germany

    November, the month when the busy season for guides begins to fade is a month of remembrance, particularly here in Germany. There is All Saints, National Day of Mourning Day, the Day of Repentance and Prayer and „Totensonntag“, the Sunday...

  • DriverGuides Berlin,

    Dessau – the city of Bauhaus

    Starting next year DriverGuides Berlin will offer new private tours as excursions from Berlin to special destinations accessible as day trips. One of them brings guests to one of the most renowned sites of the area – the original school of Bauh...

  • To „P“ or not to „P“ in Berlin

    Just recently, the new generation of modular public toilets was officially unveiled right in front of Berlin’s City Hall. Well, there definitely is a growing need indeed for facilities of that kind in a city with growing numbers of visitors and oth...

  • ,Króliki‘ – the ,Rabbits‘ of Ravensbrück concentration camp

    Frequently guests visiting Berlin go to see the nearby Sachsenhausen concentration camp. On one of these tours I was surprised that my guests wanted to visit Ravensbrück concentration camp instead. My first thought was that family members may once h...

  • DriverGuides Berlin

    20 years of guiding – has the narrative changed?

    I started giving guided tours in Berlin back in 1998. The other day I wondered if the content of the tours, if the stories told have changed over time. In a fast changing city like Berlin, there are new arrivals all the time. Take the......

  • DriverGuides Berlin Oliver Brunner

    A dark spot of Potsdam history

    There are hidden, secret and dark places in locations you would never expect. Especially when they are so close to other, totally wonderful, sites. One of these places is the forbidden city near the Neue Garten park in the city of Potsdam, home to th...

  • The Floating University Berlin – space for ideas

    Not so long ago Berlin was still the place where anything goes: a city bombed in a world war and separated in a Cold War had, after overcoming those, tons of unused space, empty lots and buildings which became the playgrounds and labs of those......

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